Following are the general policy guidelines in case of Indian domain names
1. Only letters, digits, and hyphens will be allowed in a domain name. Names cannot begin or end with hyphens.
2. Mixing of two scripts will not be allowed.
3. Use of Zero Width Joiner/Zero Width Non Joiner will not be allowed.
4. Language numerals and punctuations will not be allowed.
5. Symbols or stress markers will not be allowed.
6. Consecutive hyphens will not be permitted in a domain name.
7. The number of identical consonants joined by a Halant within a label shall not exceed two. Thus त्त (ta+halant+ta) is permitted but not त्त्त (ta+halant+ta+halant+ta)
8. Wherever a variant is present in a given label, the variants shall be in a relationship of transitivity but the generation of the variant table shall be limited only to the relationship existing between the two variants. Thus given a variant त and त्त, the number of variants in label such as किताब shall be कित्ताब. कित्त्ताब generated by adding an extra त् to त्त shall not be permitted. This ensures that over generation does not take place.
9. A label containing not more than three "akshara", which have got variants shall be permitted. As an example let us consider a, b, c and d as four aksharas in a given label having a', b', c' and d' as variants in which case such a label will be disallowed. (E.g. of disallowed label - abcd, acdb, cdaba and so on)